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2014 flashback arrestors

BCGA calls for vigilance on flashback arrestors News ...

National trade body, the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA), is urging the welding industry to be aware of the importance of using flashback arrestors on oxy-acetylene sets. The use of the equipment became a mandatory requirement in the Acetylene Safety Regulations in 2014.

FLASHBACK ARRESTOR S55 AC - wilhelmsen.com

The flashback arrestors are build Conform to: EN 730/ISO 5175 and with BAM Certification no.: ZBF/009/12 Safety For safety reasons we strongly recommend annual testing of the Flash back arrestors, and to change flashback arrestors every 5 years,

Flashback Arrestors The Harris Products Group

A Commentary On Backfires, Flashbacks and Flashback Arrestors. David Gailey. The safety equipment industry in the U.S. has flourished for the last several years as manufacturers have increased efforts to promote safety awareness and education for end-users.

Safety alert 02/2014 - Department of Commerce

Flashback arrestors were fitted to both the operators side of the cylinders and to the blowpipe. Contributing factors The investigation revealed the possible cause of the explosion was related to the fitting of non-tested flashback arrestors. Subsequent testing on similar flashback ... Safety alert 02/2014

IBEDA BAM and UL approved flashback arrestors with flame ...

The flashback arrestors (FBA) offer a gas non-return valve (check valve), a flame arrestor (flame barrier) as well as a thermal cut-off valve. The IBEDA flashback arrestor

Flashback Arrestor Testing - Digitalweld

Flashback Arrestor Testing Testing of existing Flashback Arrestors to ... Flashback arrestors that are not performing to the manufacturers specifications may, in fact, cause problems. Therefore, it is important that flashback arrestors are ... 7/9/2014 11:50:28 AM ...

PRODUCT FOCUS - IBEDA Quick Action Coupling Flashback ...

Thursday, December 04, 2014 PRODUCT FOCUS - IBEDA Quick Action Coupling Flashback Arrestors There are many advantages when using a flashback arrestor with an inbuilt quick action coupling mechanism.

Flashback Arrestors Uniweld Products, Inc.

Flashback arrestors quench backfire and flashback at the torch or regulator. Uniwelds flashback arrestors also have built-in check valves to prevent reverse flow of gases. They are color coded, Green: Oxygen and Red: Fuel Gas, and are available for torch and regulator.

Flashback Arrestor RF85-20N-ES wittgas.com

Flashback Arrestors are only to be serviced by the manufacturer. The dirt filter may be replaced by competent staff; Approvals Company certified to ISO 9001 CE-marked in accordance with PED 2014/68/EC. Note: The models RF85-20N and RF85-30N are suitable for fuel gas and oxygen. Downloads. Here you find all downloads for the product.

Propane flashback arrestor - Surface Engineering Forum

RE: Propane flashback arrestor (04-10-2014 02:51 AM) Stephen Booth Wrote: Hi Nixx, a few thoughts for discussion and maybe others can add to the information. a) The pressure on a propane cylinder should be at 10+ bar pressure, whilst the operating pressure you are correct is 6 -8 bars

News & Views NECA

3rd April 2014 . Flashback arrestors safety alert ... importation and supply of flashback arrestors for use on gas cylinders and blowpipes where welding and allied processes are carried out. Click here to read more. Member Login; Join NECA; Back to the Oz Portal; NSW; NECA NSW.

50951 Flash Back Arrestor for use with Acetylene Gas ...

Superguard Flashback Arrestors. Resettable flashback arrestors for use with oxygen and acetylene, fully compliant with EN730 Lift-to-reset operation with status indication H & SE approved flame-arresting element Non-return valve to prevent reverse gas flow Incorporates both pressure and thermal trip devices Colour-coded bodies (Blue - oxygen, Red - acetylene) 3/8in BSP connections

Flash Back Arrestors maintenance requirments

Jul 14, 2014· Hi all, I have an incident in one of my premises where a flash back arrestor failed to work correctly and this resulted with a sustained flash fire occurring on the valve of the oxyacetylene...

Safety alert 02/2014 - Flashback arrestors Department of ...

02-2014 Flashback arrestors A plumber was in the process of heating up some copper piping to ready it for brazing. They had run the hoses from the oxy-acetylene cylinders, which were stored in an aluminium frame in the rear of the workers utility to his work area, which was approximately 30 metres away.


Flashback Arrestors are designed to stop flashbacks by preventing ignition of mixed gases and to protect equipment such as hoses, regulators, torches and cylinders. Flashback Arrestors are 100% tested, color coded for gas service, and are reusable.

Flashback Arrestors V0 2014-01-15 - indianagencies.co.in

Flashback Arrestors, 2014-01-15 Flame burns back into torch with continued burning in mixer, often at mixing point Identified by initial bang followed by whistling / screeching sound Can cause melting of torch, escaping combustion products can cause injuries Sustained Backfire Page no 3

Western Equip Cat 06 PRESS

FLASHBACK ARRESTORS 36 Formoreinformation,callWesternCustomerServiceat1-800-783-7890 Color-codedforgasserviceto provideaddedsafetyoxygen (green),fuelgas(red ...

Hose fire caused by flashback in oxygen and acetylene ...

Fit flashback arresters to both the oxygen and fuel gas hoses near to the regulators. For long lengths of hose, fit arresters on both the torch and the regulator The fitting of a flashback arrester is not a substitute for safe working practice.

Flashback Arrestor 85-10NU wittgas.com

Flashback Arrestors are only to be serviced by the manufacturer; the dirt filter may be replaced according to model by competent staff Approvals Company certified to ISO 9001 and PED 2014/68/EU Module H

Flash Arrestors vs. Check Valves? - Weld Talk Message Boards

One may install flashback arrestors either at the torch or at the regulators, and check valves typically at the torch. If the torch lacks these safety devices, one may add them although, typically, you'd have to compensate for them when adjusting the regulators.


The flashback arrestors are build Conform to: EN 730/ISO 5175 and with BAM Certification no.: ZBF/009/12 Safety For safety reasons we strongly recommend annual testing of the Flash back arrestors, and to change flashback arrestors every 5 years, calculated from the date you start using the equipment.

Flashback Arrestors - YouTube

May 12, 2014· Free OSHA Training Tutorial - Portable Fire Extinguishers - Understanding Their Use and Limitations - Duration: 13:42. OSHA Training Services 297,664 views

hho Flashback Arrestor - Green fuel h2o

Hydrogen Generator Flashback killer/preventer for HHO outputs of 1 to 12 liters per minute. Unit is 3 inches in length and available with 3/8" an 1/4 inch barbed ends. This unit will stop flashbacks caused by a engine backfire from traveling to your hydrogen generator and blowing it up.

Safety alert 02/2014 Flashback arrestors - NECA

arrestors revealed that they had failed a flow test and reverse flow test. The gas cylinders in the rear of the vehicle may have been set up in such a way that when the ignited gas vented from the acetylene cylinder, it melted a hole into

Flashback Arrestors The Harris Products Group

Flashback Arrestors Flashback arrestors (FBAs) are commonly used safety devices that stop or impede the progress of a flame front upstream of the insertion point. Probably 90% of all FBAs used on oxy-fuel cutting and heating torches are designs which have sintered stainless steel elements.

HHO Flashback Arrestors - ZPM Group 2015

HHO Flashback Arrestors - There are many types of flash-back arrestors on the Internet, bronze wool, bubbler stones, check valves etc. but NONE of them work 100% of the time. They will probably work OK on low output, low quality cells that have very little HHO gas flow but nothing is infallible.

Flashback Arrestors on BBQ Grill? - weldingweb.com

Aug 03, 2014· Re: Flashback Arrestors on BBQ Grill? Acetylene need flash back arrestors because acetylene will explode once it reaches a certain pressure. That is why is stored in solution with acetone with the acetone mixture contained with in a porous media inside the cylinder.