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Carried glaser safety slugs and magsafes for years based

Cartridge (firearms) - Wikipedia

A cartridge is a type of pre-assembled firearm ammunition packaging a projectile (bullet, shots or slug), a propellant substance (usually either smokeless powder or black powder) and an ignition device within a metallic, paper or plastic case that is precisely made to fit within the barrel chamber of a breechloading gun, for the practical ...

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Apr 28, 2017· I carry gold dot, train with FMJ of the same weight. I used to carry Glaser safety slugs, but not having anything to train with at the same weight, I decided to not carry them anymore (Still have a full box, things were expensive.)


'Glaser Safety Slugs' are one exotic round I can fully recommend, but only for revolvers in a few scenarios. The Glaser is a proven man-stopper and has very good quality control, but may not feed or cycle reliably in your automatic pistol.

Corbon - Hi Powers and Handguns

This PowR Ball bullet appears almost identical to the 380 Glaser Safety Slug, but it is an entirely different design. Where the safety slug is a thin-jacketed bullet containing a core tightly compressed shot designed to aggressively fragment, PowR Ball is a jacketed gaping hollow point that has the cavity filled with a plastic plug.

The Sexy Snubby Concealed Carry Laws - USConcealedCarry.com

Of course, loads like the Glaser Safety Slug, or other rounds utilizing a very light bullet can produce good results. These are however, very expensive, but if you look at them as a very cheap form of life insurance, the pain in your billfold soon goes away.

.380 +P load Gun and Game - The Friendliest Gun ...

Apr 26, 2008· I read an article many years ago about bullet performance on one stop shots. The group tested all the latest ammo for all new and old calibers. ... (Law Enforcement). I do remember reading that with the magsafe or glaser safety slug the .380 had the same one stop percentage as the 230 fmj .45acp. I do believe it was in the mid 60% range ...

Gun Digest Volume 2 (archive) - The Fairfield Project

Gun Digest Volume 2 (archive) ... including the Glaser Safety Slug. Based on that, I would suspect that Glasers are not as effective as their myths make them out to be. ... In any case, they were legal the last time I was in the USA (about 2 years ago). There's no sane reason to make them illegal (unless you mean making ALL ammo and guns ...

Giving the 9mm a Second Chance: Hayden ... - Truth is Treason

For example, the United States Air Marshals used to carry a specially-designed round called the Glaser Safety Slug. This round has incredibly devastating effects on the human body but quickly loses velocity upon impact, preventing over-penetration.

S&W Model 37 best defense ammo - smith-wessonforum.com

Oct 08, 2010· Hmmm Breaker Dan, I'll have to ponder my ccw ammo choice. Still think in the house gun I will feel better with safety slugs with my daughter in the next room. But for street carry, you got me thinking. _____

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Sep 20, 2018· The last of my first-generation Glaser Safety Slugs went downrange last year or the year before, in practice. It worked. And it had been carried a lot. The case was badly tarnished. I have ammo that I gave to my dad in the early 1980s, and I inherited the remainder from him when he passed.

Gun for self defense in a townhome? (bullet, target, carry ...

May 09, 2016· The once-overlooked 410 is a good choice for home defense because the are many defensive ammo choices available today. ... a .410 is a good choice if it has a long(ish) barrel. A .410 short-barrel pistol just doesn't develop the required velocity.

GLASER Safety Slugs - defensivecarry.com

Apr 10, 2014· Even fewer gel tests with Magsafe, but it does seem that number 2 shot is not nearly heavy enough to penetrate more than 6 or 12 shot. What you want is a bullet that gives you 5 inches of penetration and then fragments for another 5, more or less.

Any reason not to use the Glaser Safety Slugs? - Gear ...

In this case. my decision to not carry Glaser safety slugs is based primarily on the fact that I don't think they work based on scientific evidence. ... Obviously there have been many real improvements in ammunition made over the years and most SD 'gurus' recommend hollow point ammo over FMJ but NONE of them, the great Ayoob included, have ever ...

Your Carjack Counterattack - Personal Defense World

Once again though, to be responsible in an urban environment, if .45 Colt is chosen, Glaser Safety Slugs might be the answer to prevent overtravel or overpenetration. For the Governor, if .45 ACP is chosen to allow faster reloads with moon clips, then Glasers offer a good option as well.

Cor-Bon/Glaser - Revolvy

Glaser Safety Slug is a frangible bullet made by Cor-Bon/Glaser , a subsidiary of Dakota Ammo, an American ammunition company based in Sturgis, South Dakota . The Glaser Safety Slug was developed by Jack Canon in 1975, the same year the company was founded by Armin Glaser.

Glaser Safety Slugs/MagSafe The High Road

May 11, 2004· Hit from a GLASER SAFETY SLUG. It may well have happened and was not brought to my attention. The last GLASER shooting I heard about " evacuated the contents of the person's skull " according to medical examiner who I spoke with some tine ago.

Glaser Safety Slugs The High Road

Feb 13, 2006· The effectiveness of Glaser safety slugs is well documented. In the shootings where they have been used they stopped the assailant about 100% of the time, the down side is theyre about 100% fatal which is one of the reasons police dont use them except for special situations.

Glaser Safety Slug? - USA Carry

Jul 30, 2008· Has anyone tryed the glaser "safety slug" ammo? They clam to offer more stoping power, and less chance of over penetration. ... Upon impact with the target all three will carry the same energy based on the powder load and the overall projectile weight. Upon impact all three will have exactly the same energy to transfer but here is where it ...

Glaser Blue Safety Ammo in .32 ACP, good/bad idea ...

Just based on the mindset of the LE attacker and the civilian attacker, I would say that the average civilian can get by with smaller calibers given that they use good ammunition. For many civilians, they cannot always dress to carry a 25oz 9mm pistol.

Latest Greatest Home Defense Handgun Ammunition - General ...

Oct 06, 2008· It has been many years since I researched what the latest greatest ammunition is for this purpose. I currently use what I think are MAGSAFE rounds in my 9mm. I think they are Magsafes but I chucked the box years ago when I loaded my clips.

Self defense rounds. - nationalgunforum.com

Aug 13, 2012· I'm trying to figure out what I need for self defense, any opinions are welcome. I'm new to guns, and have a new Ruger LC9 (a pocket 9mm.) In the future, I will carry it concealed.

Prefragmented Ammo: MagSafe versus Glaser [Archive ...

* Glaser Safety Slugs use a 5" barrel to get 1,650 fps / 484 ft-lbs from heavier 80-gr bullet that penetrates less due to smaller #12 or #6 BB's. * Glasers retail for $19.95 and come in 6-packs. MagSafe gives you 8 and retails for $15.95: 2 more rounds for $4.00 less.

bullets for air marshals MartialTalk.Com - Friendly ...

Mar 14, 2012· yes they are called Glaser safety slugs, or Mag-safe rounds. ... If you ever have to shoot in self defense the round is a great idea, it sounds good to juries. I had Mag Safe or Glaser Safety Slugs in my weapon. These instead of something hostile sounding like Black Talons, or similar.

Three Weapons and You're On Your Own Page 5 ...

Feb 27, 2005· The guns I want will keep me fed and the ammo is easy to come by, .22 is easy to carry. 3" 20 gauge slugs will kill anything withing 75 yards if you do your part. .22 is quiet, .357 will also digest 38 specials.

GLASER Safety Slugs - defensivecarry.com

Apr 10, 2014· Comments such as if they were any good cops would use them ignore the fact that cop shootings often require barrier penetration and as the name implies the Glaser SAFETY slug and the MagSAFE are designed not to penetrate barriers. When I carry my S&W 340PD the 1rst round is a Glaser Blue Tip.

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The Case For-and Against- High Velocity Pre-fragmented Projectiles There is a lot of info out there about High Velocity Pre-fragmented Projectiles such as Glaser Safety Slugs and Mag Safe ammunition.

Carry Ammo for Hi-Point pistols Hi-Point Firearms Forum ...

Jan 17, 2008· "This is 9mm Glaser Blue Safety Slug 80gr. +P Ammo. For over 30 years, Glaser Safety Slug has been the perfect choice for use in populated, urban areas. Glaser's composite design uses a special thin-wall jacket, and a precision compressed lead shot core with a soft polymer tip.