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Asked Questions
  1. Q1: Can I have a sample for testing?
    A: Yes, you can, but you need to pay.
  2. Q2: Can I add my logo on the clothing?
    A: Yes, OEM and ODM are available.
  3. Q3: Do you have inspection procedures for the products?
    A: 100% self-inspection before packing.
  4. Q4: Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?
    A: Sure, your visit is welcome at any time.
  5. Q5: How can I get after-service?
    A: We assure 2 years warranty. During this period, If any product quality issues occur, spare parts will be sent for free. But we have to charge if the problem is caused by man-made factors.

Mexico Dupont Tyvek Level

Dupont Tychem Level B Protective Suits.

DuPont Tychem® F Suits - Level B, Non-Encapsulated Tychem® 6000 fabric. Tychem® F garments are made of a proprietary barrier film laminated to a Tyvek® substrate. Provides at least 30 minutes of protection against over 181 challenge chemicals including

DuPont Offices and Locations

DuPont Mexico S.A Headquarters Homero 206, Polanco V Sección. CP 11570, Ciudad de México Tel: (55) 57221000 DuPont Nutrition and Health Corporate

Tyvek® 400 - DuPont

Tyvek®400, Tyvek® 400 D, ProShield®, ProShield® 10, ProShield® 60, Tyvek® 400 FC, and ProShield® 70 garments are not appropriate if during use they are getting wet (liquid is dripping or running, or it is wet to the touch) or if spotting is observed on skin or

Tyvek® IsoClean® - DuPont

All DuPont Tyvek® IsoClean® clean-processed and sterile accessories (option MS) are packed in a dual barrier packaging system, consisting of an inner and outer easy tear cleanroom bag. The packaging serves as a key element for contamination risk reduction when transferring apparel into clean areas.

DuPont Tyvek®

DuPont no recomienda lavar las prendas de Tyvek® 400 FC para reusarlas. Estas prendas están diseñadas para tener uso limitado. Pueden usarse hasta que se dañan, alteran o contaminan. No, las prendas de Tyvek® 400 FC no son resistentes a la flama ni ...

DuPont Tyvek® 400

DuPont suggests that Tyvek® garments be used within 5 years of receipt, provided they are properly stored and pass a full visual inspection. High temperature, oxidizing gases, wet, cold, ultraviolet and ionizing radiation can significantly impact the long-term life of ...

DuPont Tyvek® 400 D

Sí. Los overoles de DuPont Tyvek® 400 cumplen o rebasan los estándares de tallaje ANSI/ISEA 101. Para conocer las dimensiones específicas de la talla para una prenda DuPont en particular, por favor, revise la pestaña Detalles del Producto para esa prenda.

DuPont Tychem® 2000

A lightweight, and durable fabric, DuPont Tychem® 2000 utilizes the strength of DuPont Tyvek® fabric and a polyethylene coating. Tychem® 2000 fabric provides at least 30 minutes of protection against 42 chemical challenges. Tychem® 2000 is used for light ...

ProShield® 60 - DuPont

DuPont ProShield® 60. Mono con capucha disponible en blanco en los tamaños SM a 7X. Nuevo patrón para un ajuste óptimo. Elásticos en cara, muñecas, cintura y tobillos. La vestimenta ProShield® 60 consta de una película microporosa sobre una tela no ...

DuPont Tyvek® 500 - CHF5 AL

DuPont Tyvek® 500 CHF5 AL DuPont Tyvek® Fechamento frontal com zíper e sobreposição com pala. Elástico nas costas, para maior mobilidade e conforto.Capuz composto por três peças, para maior mobilidade.Costura em locais estratégicos, para maior ...

Tyvek® 500 Accessory - DuPont

DuPont Tyvek® 500 Shoe cover with antislip model POSA. Shoe cover available in white and in sizes 36 to 42 and 42 to 46. Elasticated ankle. Stitched internal seams. Slip-retardant sole. Specially designed for use with Tyvek® apparel, Tyvek® accessories

DuPont Tyvek® IsoClean® - IC701S 00

DuPont especifica que el hilo y las cremalleras utilizadas en las prendas Dupont Tyvek® IsoClean® y ProClean® se deben fabricar sin el uso de aceites de silicona. No obstante, DuPont no puede garantizar la ausencia de aceites de silicona en estas prendas, ni tampoco puede confirmar la prohibición del aceite de silicona en DuPont Tyvek® Micro-Clean® 2-1-2 producido por Cardinal Health ...

DUPONT Tychem® NT420

DuPont Tyvek® 600 Plus. Hooded coverall. Stitched and over-taped seams. Thumb loops. Tunnelled elastication at wrists, ankles and face. Elasticated waist (glued-in). Tyvek® zipper. Self-adhesive zipper and chin flap. White.

DuPont Tyvek® for Painting Applications

Coveralls made with DuPont Tyvek ®, including our popular Tyvek ® 400 and Tyvek ® 400 D garments, fit the bill. Tyvek ® material offers wearers a high degree of protection against airborne particles and non-hazardous liquids. Plus, Tyvek ® is highly resistant to abrasion, and its low-linting surface is less likely to affect the final product.

Tyvek® 600 Plus - DuPont

DuPont Tyvek® 600 Plus Green. Hooded coverall. Stitched and over-taped seams. Thumb loops. Tunnelled elastication at wrists, ankles and face. Elasticated waist (glued-in). Tyvek® zipper. Self-adhesive zipper and chin flap. Green.

DuPont Tyvek® 600 Plus

DuPont Tyvek® 600 Plus es el modelo de overol con capucha, disponible en el color blanco con costura azul. Su diseño con capucha, elástico en muñecas, tobillos y cintura para mayor libertad de movimientos al usuario sin que su seguridad sea afectada. ...

¿Por qué Tyvek®/ Tychem®? - DuPont

Comodidad con fuerza industrial La ropa de protección Tyvek ® combina durabilidad con comodidad, por lo que es extremadamente versátil.De la pintura hasta los compuestos, de la agricultura hasta la investigación de la escena del crimen, Tyvek ® ofrece una amplia gama de prendas de protección para satisfacer sus necesidades. ...

DuPont Tychem® 4000

DuPont Tychem® 4000 delivers effective protection against a range of chemical environments. Tychem® 4000, utilizes Saranex 23-P film laminated to Tyvek® fabric to provide a rugged and durable fabric that resists abrasion. Tychem® 4000 fabric provides

DuPont Tychem® 6000

DuPont Tychem® 6000 Coverall. Respirator Fit Hood. Elastic Wrists and Ankles. Storm Flap. Taped Seams. Gray ... DuPont Tyvek® 400, Tyvek® 400 D, Tyvek® 500, Tyvek® 600, Tyvek® 400 FC, ProShield®, ProShield® 70 , ProShield® 50 , ProShield ...

DuPont Tyvek® - FC454S

DuPont Tyvek® cubrebotas con tela antiderrapante. 18" Alto. Costuras cosidas. Gris. Guarde las prendas de Tyvek® 400 FC en un ligar fresco, oscuro y seco, libre de suciedad y de insectos. La luz del sol, ozono, altas temperaturas (>120 F; 49 C), humo de ...

DuPont Tychem® 2000

El Tychem® 2000 es una tela ligera y duradera, que utiliza la fuerza de la tela DuPont Tyvek® y un revestimiento de polietileno. Esa tela ofrece por lo menos 30 minutos de protección contra 42 químicos. Los overoles producidos con Tychem® 2000 son ...

Tyvek® IsoClean® - DuPont

DuPont Tyvek® IsoClean® bouffant, model IC 729 S WH MS. Available in white and in one size. Clean-processed and gamma-sterilized. Elastic headband. Tyvek® IsoClean® delivers an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort.

Tyvek® - DuPont

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DuPont Tychem® 2000

DuPont does not recommend washing contaminated Tychem® 2000 garments for re-use. These garments are designed for limited-use. They can be worn until damaged, altered or contaminated. However, if the garments have not been contaminated, they can be ...

DuPont Tyvek® 400 D

DuPont Tyvek® 400 D garments combine the protection, durability and comfort of DuPont Tyvek® fabric on the front and the comfort, ... From defining your hazard and exposure level, to selecting appropriate fabrics, seams and designs, Guide can help you find ...

Tyvek® 500 Xpert - DuPont

DuPont Tyvek® 500 Xpert/DuPont Tyvek® 500 Xpert (Ecopack). Hooded coverall available in white, in sizes SM to 3X (blue and green garments also available). Robust yet lightweight (180g per garment). 3-piece hood for optimal fit to head and face when

DuPont Tychem® 10000

Tyvek / DuPont Tychem® 10000 TK555T LY DuPont Tychem® 10000 DuPont Tychem® 10000 Encapsulated Level A Suit. Expanded Back, Rear Entry. Extra-Wide Visor, 3 Layers: 40 mil PVC / Teflon® 5 mil / 20 mil PVC. Attached Dual Layer Gloves ...